Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Butterflies and Frogs and Flowers

We are redoing Gracie's bedroom, she has a big girl bed and she even helped paint the canvas pictures for her shelves! When ever she sees any paint bottles now she wants to paint! Oh, dear...hide those paint bottles!! She loved it, but what a mess...she went straight to the bath afterwards...the bath tub started to match her room! Don't worry it is sparkling white again!

Now we just have to get her to sleep all through the night in that big girl bed! :) We are getting there!


Gracie had a great time this Easter. Her easter dress was too big, so we modified the flower girl dress and she loved it. She got to her easter basket and said "These eggs pretty!" She is so funny! Her favorite thing was a little chocolate bunny...hummm....must take after her dad! Hope everyone had a great easter, even if it was still snowing!!