Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Projects

I was going to name this post Greg's Summer Project, but I think he might kill me, so I won't do that. He is wonderful though and comes home and works on the fence, if we don't have a million other things going! It is taking a lot longer than we planned and has had a few hang ups, but the end is looking closer and I think we will have a fenced in yard by the time it snows....Cross your fingers with me!

We only have the back posts to finish, and the edging to do on the flower beds, then we can staple on the wire and hopefully all will go according to plan. I want you all to know as well that I moved all the dirt in the front flower bed and helped dig postholes and I even got the skill saw out and started cutting boards! I was so proud of me! He He!
We are going to plant some vines by the bench/Arch and I am going to grow Clematis....I had an older lady tell me they are too much work to grow and she wouldn't share her knowledge on how to care for that is my challenge...I will let you know how that goes!

My blooming lilly's and my pond give me hope that this project will look good too!

Weddings Galore

So it is summertime and with that comes the usually busy wedding decorating. This day the weather was beautiful and I had a moment to capture a few suprise photos. This weekend 3 weddings all outside and downpouring rain made it quite interesting. No photos of that but you can imagine...Wet and Grumpy!!! :)
Gracie is so good, helping carry things that she can lift and just content to sit in the van and watch her DVDs, what a good girl!!

Summer Fun

This last month has come and gone and I didn't even realize life was so busy! Gracie has been having a great time at Bearlake, just in our pool out front, and even at a small town 4th of July parade.
Toddlers are so challenging and SOOO much fun!! While she was in the pool she was going on and on about how her feet were "wiggly" in the water! She kills me! He He!