Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chocolate Cake

Gracie and I decided to make Greg a cake, and of course Gracie is so into helping me do everything. We had a blast! She had chocolate from head to toe and beyond! But it was YUMMY! These photos are after we had already used the washcloth and before we got too messy to handle the camera!

Cottonwood Lake

After a busy summer, I decided we had to take a little trip so we took some sandwiches on a slightly chilly picnic after church on Sunday. It was a nice break! and Gracie was able to pick all the different colors of leaves! Fun times!

Greg found out how to set the timer so here you go. Gracie wanted down and I was trying to keep her on my lap and remember to smile still! Ha! It is a nice picture of Greg and the Van!!! :)

Gracie and her leaves looking at the "Big Lake" as she called it.