Saturday, October 11, 2008

Amiya LeeAnn Call

Landon and Michele had their second baby. Amiya LeeAnn Call. We went down to attend the baby blessing and Landon as usual gave a beautiful blessing. So much fun to cuddle another baby! We love you little one!

Fall is Here

Last week Gracie and I took a little hike to enjoy the fall colors. Gracie had a great time and helped all the Grasshoppers that had passed on by covering them with a rock, and then trying to catch the rest of the live ones. It was so fun to watch her. The dried grass matched those crazy curls and it became a treasured memory!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chocolate Cake

Gracie and I decided to make Greg a cake, and of course Gracie is so into helping me do everything. We had a blast! She had chocolate from head to toe and beyond! But it was YUMMY! These photos are after we had already used the washcloth and before we got too messy to handle the camera!

Cottonwood Lake

After a busy summer, I decided we had to take a little trip so we took some sandwiches on a slightly chilly picnic after church on Sunday. It was a nice break! and Gracie was able to pick all the different colors of leaves! Fun times!

Greg found out how to set the timer so here you go. Gracie wanted down and I was trying to keep her on my lap and remember to smile still! Ha! It is a nice picture of Greg and the Van!!! :)

Gracie and her leaves looking at the "Big Lake" as she called it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Projects

I was going to name this post Greg's Summer Project, but I think he might kill me, so I won't do that. He is wonderful though and comes home and works on the fence, if we don't have a million other things going! It is taking a lot longer than we planned and has had a few hang ups, but the end is looking closer and I think we will have a fenced in yard by the time it snows....Cross your fingers with me!

We only have the back posts to finish, and the edging to do on the flower beds, then we can staple on the wire and hopefully all will go according to plan. I want you all to know as well that I moved all the dirt in the front flower bed and helped dig postholes and I even got the skill saw out and started cutting boards! I was so proud of me! He He!
We are going to plant some vines by the bench/Arch and I am going to grow Clematis....I had an older lady tell me they are too much work to grow and she wouldn't share her knowledge on how to care for that is my challenge...I will let you know how that goes!

My blooming lilly's and my pond give me hope that this project will look good too!

Weddings Galore

So it is summertime and with that comes the usually busy wedding decorating. This day the weather was beautiful and I had a moment to capture a few suprise photos. This weekend 3 weddings all outside and downpouring rain made it quite interesting. No photos of that but you can imagine...Wet and Grumpy!!! :)
Gracie is so good, helping carry things that she can lift and just content to sit in the van and watch her DVDs, what a good girl!!

Summer Fun

This last month has come and gone and I didn't even realize life was so busy! Gracie has been having a great time at Bearlake, just in our pool out front, and even at a small town 4th of July parade.
Toddlers are so challenging and SOOO much fun!! While she was in the pool she was going on and on about how her feet were "wiggly" in the water! She kills me! He He!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Look at those CURLS!!

Look at all those curls! Just have to let everyone see how cute they are! Out of control....sometimes, but cute none the less! Gracie has to smell any flower that she sees. Even in the pharmacy this morning she saw a picture of a flower on a box of vitamins and she went right up and smelled those pretty flowers.

This afternoon we had gotten a patio swing and Gracie was helping her dad put it together. She is so "helpful" He He! Good thing Dad is so patient!

Forever Family

Landon and Michele went to the Logan Temple on the 20th of June. It was such a neat experience...their little Dylan was sooooo cute and did such a great job! Such a great day!!

Gone to the Dogs

Our other new thing is a puppy named Gabbie, she talks back so much the name is fitting. She is less than 3 pounds, and she thinks she runs the house. We have now reached my limit--no more dogs....I think I get baby hungry and get a puppy. She had just had a bath in this picture. Yesterday she was running through the sprinkler trying to get the water. Pomeranian that thinks she is a lab? She keeps me hopping! The three play and play, and they walk really well together....I can just imagine what the neighbors think as I walk by with all my dogs and the stroller!! Oh well....just got to be me.

New Car

OK I have done it, I have converted to a Mini Van! I know, it is crazy, but it just fits everything so much better. It is a new to us 04 Honda Odyssey. I am having a blast driving it! I have to remind myself that gas is EXPENSIVE, so those just driving for fun drives are no longer allowed, but I find plently of errands to run to make it legal :)
Gracie loves riding in here because she can see out of all the windows, we have been looking at all the horses and cows in Star Valley.....there are a lot of those!!!
Anyway so far so good!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Guest Bedroom

So I have decided I am sick of toys and things cluttering my living room, so I am working on clearing out our guest bedroom and am going to make it a "family room" I told Greg that as soon as we do that I will get pregnant and we will have to change it into a nursery...whatever works, right?
I am also having Greg build us a fence, Even the UPS man felt sorry for him (he saw us walking around the yard discussing where the fence should go) But I want you to know that I am helping as much as I can! I even have blisters and ohhh so sore muscles from running that post hole digger with Greg. Who knew we could have so many rocks! Next it is tree wacking and lumber cutting... watchout backyard!
Anyway I can't wait until we get it done and I can let Gracie out and not have a heart attack with every ready set Go. That is her newest favorite thing, and it is so cute to watch her run just as fast as those little legs will carry her!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Butterflies and Frogs and Flowers

We are redoing Gracie's bedroom, she has a big girl bed and she even helped paint the canvas pictures for her shelves! When ever she sees any paint bottles now she wants to paint! Oh, dear...hide those paint bottles!! She loved it, but what a mess...she went straight to the bath afterwards...the bath tub started to match her room! Don't worry it is sparkling white again!

Now we just have to get her to sleep all through the night in that big girl bed! :) We are getting there!


Gracie had a great time this Easter. Her easter dress was too big, so we modified the flower girl dress and she loved it. She got to her easter basket and said "These eggs pretty!" She is so funny! Her favorite thing was a little chocolate bunny...hummm....must take after her dad! Hope everyone had a great easter, even if it was still snowing!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finishing Touch

Here is a pic of one of our latest weddings that we did! It turned out great! We are resting up for the summer weddings comming up.

I guess we will start the summer with a BANG! Two weddings in one weekend ! If this blog is not updated you know that it killed me! :)

Piggy Tales

OK, so I just HAD to post this picture...Gracie finally has enough hair to put in pig tales! You have no idea how happy this makes me...We have been waiting a long time! It is so funny her hair in the back is so frizzy curly and on top is long and curly, then on the sides, it is straight and there is peach fuzz...barely! We already have to use conditioning shampoo and detangler after a bath. But, it is just so dang cute ! I guess it is worth it!


Gracie has grown by leaps and bounds! I can't believe my little baby is 20 months already! The things she comes up with, just crack me up! We were putting together some cabinets (for the scrapbooking room of course) and I had the drill and screwdriver out, she had taken the tools and as I explained to her that those were dangerous and that mommy should have them, she came back with "Mommy, share!!" Oh my... I keep telling everyone I am in for it!

The kitty is her favorite thing and in the morning we have to find Sassy so Gracie can give her "Wuv" She is such a loving little girl, and I just melt everytime she comes and rubs my back and asks, "mommy, ok?" She is such a blessing in my life! I just hug her and think thank you, thank you!

Here we go!

I have not done this blog thing, but I'm going to attempt this. Gracie is napping and I have a quick minute to myself. I should be scrapbooking, or attempting to get this room set up to scrapbook. But I have hit a wall and seem to have no inspiration on how to get this done. I am trying to simplify my life and my home so maybe the best way to start this room is to empty everything and put back in what I want and then try to figure out what to do with what is left! I have ordered a white desk...I know this oak one should be fine, but I have decided I am somewhat OCD and everything MUST match. So I will have a white desk and white cubes for my supplies. I got some great cloth to make a valance for this room, it is blue with very colorful circles on it...Greg wasn't sure at first, but was a sweet husband and had faith that I could make it look great!
Hey ya know even if no one reads this blog, this is a great way to sort thoughts out...I am reinspired...cute scrapbook room here I come!!!