Thursday, July 02, 2009

Gracie turned THREE!!

Gracie had to grab her shades before we went and picked up the balloons for her Tinker Bell party!
This was my attempt at a Tinker Bell cake...I didn't want to do anything too hard, and the girls loved it. We just had a few of Gracie's friends and they decorated wings and played with their fairy wands! They loved it!
All worth this cheesy smile! She talked about all her friends that came over for the next week!
Thanks to everyone that helped us make this day special for her!

Camping at Granite

Our summer is full of weddings, so on the 20th of June, we loaded up and went camping, even though it forcast rain! Friday was beautiful and we got to go see the waterfall and enjoy the sun that day....Saturday was another story, but we won't dwell on that!
Gracie said that camping was a "great sleepover" so that made it all worth it!