Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Guest Bedroom

So I have decided I am sick of toys and things cluttering my living room, so I am working on clearing out our guest bedroom and am going to make it a "family room" I told Greg that as soon as we do that I will get pregnant and we will have to change it into a nursery...whatever works, right?
I am also having Greg build us a fence, Even the UPS man felt sorry for him (he saw us walking around the yard discussing where the fence should go) But I want you to know that I am helping as much as I can! I even have blisters and ohhh so sore muscles from running that post hole digger with Greg. Who knew we could have so many rocks! Next it is tree wacking and lumber cutting... watchout backyard!
Anyway I can't wait until we get it done and I can let Gracie out and not have a heart attack with every ready set Go. That is her newest favorite thing, and it is so cute to watch her run just as fast as those little legs will carry her!