Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Look at those CURLS!!

Look at all those curls! Just have to let everyone see how cute they are! Out of control....sometimes, but cute none the less! Gracie has to smell any flower that she sees. Even in the pharmacy this morning she saw a picture of a flower on a box of vitamins and she went right up and smelled those pretty flowers.

This afternoon we had gotten a patio swing and Gracie was helping her dad put it together. She is so "helpful" He He! Good thing Dad is so patient!

Forever Family

Landon and Michele went to the Logan Temple on the 20th of June. It was such a neat experience...their little Dylan was sooooo cute and did such a great job! Such a great day!!

Gone to the Dogs

Our other new thing is a puppy named Gabbie, she talks back so much the name is fitting. She is less than 3 pounds, and she thinks she runs the house. We have now reached my limit--no more dogs....I think I get baby hungry and get a puppy. She had just had a bath in this picture. Yesterday she was running through the sprinkler trying to get the water. Pomeranian that thinks she is a lab? She keeps me hopping! The three play and play, and they walk really well together....I can just imagine what the neighbors think as I walk by with all my dogs and the stroller!! Oh well....just got to be me.

New Car

OK I have done it, I have converted to a Mini Van! I know, it is crazy, but it just fits everything so much better. It is a new to us 04 Honda Odyssey. I am having a blast driving it! I have to remind myself that gas is EXPENSIVE, so those just driving for fun drives are no longer allowed, but I find plently of errands to run to make it legal :)
Gracie loves riding in here because she can see out of all the windows, we have been looking at all the horses and cows in Star Valley.....there are a lot of those!!!
Anyway so far so good!