Thursday, April 12, 2012


You know most evenings, I crawl into bed and wonder if I should really be a mom...just the other day I texted Greg and told him I really suck and this!  In fact right at this very moment Edynn is running around naked while I am nursing Treycen and pleading with her to get a pull-up on because Daddy pinches naked bums...I looked to the clock and realized it is at least 3 hours till Greg will be home. I haven't had a chance to take a shower and I really am planning on getting to the relief society meeting tonight for a change!  Big sigh..
Then I realize I am not completely hopeless.  My daughter's I lub you's and listening to her "monkey's jump on bed" song make me smile and I did get Gracie ready for school this morning with out any crying (either of us!!) and  how many other mom's can finally get that pull-up on while nursing the 3 month old at the same that takes talent! 
I may just survive these "I do it me-self" and 5 year old drama, thank heavens for Little Man to cuddle with, he really is such a happy baby.  I know I am doing just what I should and I am learning along the way.  We even made it through this Easter with no broken bones!  ...See I got skillz!

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