Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weddings, Gymnastics and beauty marks

So this weekend the dishes are stacked in the sink and my house is a mess, must be a wedding weekend. Not only that.... this weekend we had Gracie's gymnastics show. She did great and it was so much fun getting her ready. Aunt Erin helped and we made it a girls fun often can you say, yes you can wear my makeup? So on went the mascara, eyeliner and all!
It was leaning towards toddlers in tiaras, Complete with a beauty mark drawn on. I am sure that some mom's saw that and thought what the world? But today I didn't care, I wanted my little girl to be just as happy as she could be and I loved that beauty mark. It represented my learning to let go, One of my hardest lessons I first learned as a mom. I used to worry what other moms would think if we went to the grocery store without matching clothes and a cute braid and the perfect flower in her hair that I made myself....ha! What was I thinking!! Who cares what my daughter dresses herself in, she is warm the clothes are clean, and is it really worth the fight to get everything matching and "cute" like I thought little girl should be? Don't get me wrong, deep inside that is what I cross my fingers that she picks. I get a little excited when we have those cute days! But I realize just how "cute" it is and how much I love those days that she comes out with jeans, that frilly skirt and the brown shirt that you can never get her to wear with the cute denim skirt you bought it to go with. Yup I love those days too! See I am learning to see what is really important....beautymarks! LOL!!

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